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Holiday on the Sea in Rabac

Rabac was a small fishing village near Labin in the mid-19th century when the first travellers and writers began to arrive. Enticed by the warm climate, beautiful nature, stunning pebble beach and view of the nearby islands, these visitors wrote about Rabac intensively.

Since then Rabac has grown into a modern tourist destination with fifteen hotels. Its natural beauty remains, a long pristine beach in front of a wooded hilltop, all located in an area small enough to walk through in a short time but large enough to offer guests varied and interesting activities and leisure.

One of Rabac’s greatest advantages is its proximity to Labin, a city known for its mining history but also for its art and culture. During the Labin Art Republic Festival, the whole city lives and breathes performances, concerts, exhibits, plays and street art.

Top three places to visit
The Battiala-Lazzarini Palace - Labin

The Battiala-Lazzarini Palace - Labin

The Battiala-Lazzarini palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Labin. Built at the end of the 17th century, since 1960 it has been home to the National Museum of Labin. The Museum’s gem is its replica of a mining shaft. A large inventory of other interesting items makes a visit to this museum a must.

Istra InSpirit – The Miner’s Republic

Istra InSpirit – The Miner’s Republic

Istra InSpirit is a unique project that takes guests on a historical adventure through interactive events. In Labin guests receive basic miner’s equipment and go 150 m underground with a guide and watch a dramatization of the 1921 miner’s strike and try a real miner’s lunch. You will be talking about this experience for months!

The Dubrova Sculpture Park

The Dubrova Sculpture Park

The Mediterranean Sculptor’s Symposium has been organised here every year in August and September since 1970. Today this park is a permanent exhibit of the fruits of these artistic meetings. The interesting park structures and interdisciplinary projects of this protected area are surely worth a visit.

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Good food and drink are vital ingredients of any successful holiday. Rabac as a tourist destination owes its fame to the excellent hotel service, superb cooks and the gastronomical delights of the region. Delicious fresh fish, lobster, langoustines and other shellfish are characteristic features of the menus along with the country cuisine, whose particular forte is homemade past with various meat sauces.

Fuži (local variety of pasta) or njoki (gnocchi) with game sauce, krafi (sweet and savory cheese filled pasta parcels) with sauce, or pasutice (local pasta variety) with dried cod are only a few of the many recipes we learned from our grandmothers. The famous manestra (a hearty broth of beans with corn or barley), homemade sausages, zarebnjak (dried loin of pork) with sauerkraut, Pršut (dried ham), cheese, home-baked bread and local wine are the regional specialties served in typical konoba (traditional meeting places built in stone with a large fireplace, exposed beams and rustic wooded furniture).

A number of restaurants offer international as well as local food and we are sure that you will be tempted to get to know better this area through the flavor of its cuisine.
(Source: www.istra.hr)


Basic information

  • Number of inhabitants: 1.534
  • Water temperature: lowest: from 9.3 to 11.1°C in March, highest: from 23.3 to 24.1°C in August
  • Salinity: an average of 36 to 38 pro mille
  • Climate: Mediterranean (January 5°C to 9°C, August 22°C to 25°C; sea temperature in winter 12°C, in summer around 25°C)


Labin’s goddess Sentona – saint patron of travelers is the new tourist brand of Labin and Rabac. Sentona marks quality, tradition, authenticity and naturalness of Labin area. Enjoy your vacation and discover Sentona’s gifts in authentic healthy menus offered in local restaurants, treat yourself with relax wellness treatments with natural cosmetics rich in local essential oils.

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